How to Make A Facebook ID Viral and Get upto 5k Friends


Facebook and Whatsapp can be said as the best Social Media that have ever existed on Earth . Facebook is the one where people like to advertise and want to be popular by making a lot of friends for personal or professional purposes . So today we are sharing a trick through which you can grow upto 5k friends within just one or two hours so don’t wait . Try Now !!!!!!



How To Make A Facebook ID Viral ?

1) First of all You need to create a Facebook ID , It should contain totally verified Number as well as Email address . 


2) As per us you have to make a Girl ID with a cute Display picture to get it viral the most

3)  Now after all set you need some Top Class Celebrity page , Group or Some good group which have sufficient likes

Due to Privacy Reasons we are not specifically sharing any Group name but you will easily get one

4) Open the latest Post from it and Recent likes

Must Check –


5) Send Friend Request to all the persons who have Recently liked the post ( at least 50 -100 requests )

6) Now Go to Find Friends and send Requests to upto 50 people from there

Now you are all Set just wait and watch witihn 1 hour you will get Upto 1k+ friend Requests and Hence your ID will keep getting viral like Facebook itself

Must Share this Trick WIth Your Friends 

Please Note That this trick is for educational purposes only and we will not be responsible for any damage caused to any body or system using this trick

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