(Lifetime) Airtel Rewards Tune Service Loot – Get Rs 15 Recharge Every Month


Airtel Free Reward Tune loot , Airtel Reward Hello tune Offer , Airtel Loot . Airtel Rs 25 Recharge loot . Airtel is here with an exciting offer and something new . Get free Rs 15 Recharge every month by activating Airtel Reward Tune Service for Lifetime . Noting Β to pay , this service is absolutely free . Don’t miss πŸ™‚

(Lifetime) Airtel Rewards Tune Service Loot - Get Rs 15 Recharge Every Month  rewards tune service - Bharti Airtel Limited 300x273 - (Lifetime) Airtel Rewards Tune Service Loot – Get Rs 15 Recharge Every Month

Reward Tune service is available absolutely free only for prepaid customers.
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How to Activate Airtel Reward Tune Service for Lifetime ?

1) Dial 50080 (toll free) IVR

2) Dial *580# (toll free) USSD

3) Message RT to 50080 (toll free) SMS for activating Reward Tune service

How to Deactivate Airtel Reward Tune Service ?

β€˜B’ party can deactivate the service by sending SMS STOP to 121 or by calling 155223 or by dialing *580# USSD.

Detailed Explanation –

1) As part of Airtel Rewards, β€˜B’ Party becomes eligible for a variety of customer-action led rewards in the form of Talk Time and Data or other suitable rewards that will be solely decided by Airtel and may vary from time to time. The β€˜B’ Party will be eligible for reward only on opting into the Airtel Rewards Program and not otherwise, even if the same action is performed by the non-user. Depending on the reward action for the β€˜B’ Party, Airtel may place ads across multiple channels not restricted to only SMS, Hello Tune, End of Call Notifications, in-app and websites, in exchange for Rewards in the form of Talk time, Data or other benefits like Coupons etc.

2) By opting into this offer, the β€˜B’ Party agrees to receive promotional messages &alerts about current & upcoming offers & rewards from Airtel & its subsidiaries.

3) Subscriber private &identifiable information will NOT be shared with any third party service provider as a part of the Airtel Rewards Program, unless explicit consent is given by the β€˜A’ Party or β€˜B’ Party himself.

4) By availing this offer, the β€˜B’ Party confirms and waives the applicability of rules and regulations of the National Do Not Call Registry and agrees to receive promotional messages and alerts of the current offer and updates about current and upcoming offers.

Description of Service –

1) Advertisement will be played to β€˜A’ party customers (both Airtel subscribers and callers from other networks) until the call is rejected, unanswered or picked by β€˜B’ Party.


2) Advertisement will be played randomly for β€˜A’ Party customer.


3) Number of Advertisements played can be equal or less than the number of incoming calls on the β€˜B’ Party number, which the β€˜B’ Party has picked, rejected or has not answered. Airtel shall have sole discretion with respect to the nature and number of times an advertisement will be played for β€˜B’ Party while availing Reward Tune Service.

Features of Reward Tune Service
  1. On every Advertisement played to an β€˜A’ Party for more than 5 seconds, β€˜B’ Party will get 5 paisa talk time. The credit fortotal number of eligible advertisements (Advertisement played for greater than 5 seconds) played during a calendar day will be transferred to the main account balance of β€˜B Party’ the next day. For purpose of clarity as an example it is stated that talk time credit for all eligible advertisements (Advertisement played for greater than 5 seconds) played on Monday, corresponding Talk Time credit will be transferred in mainaccount of β€˜B’ Party on Tuesday.
  2. β€˜B’ Party shall receive a maximum credit of Rs. 15/- for a calendar month, which will be credited to β€˜B’ Party’s main account.Once β€˜B’ party reaches maximum credit limit in a calendar month, Advertisement may still be played to β€˜A’ Party where β€˜B’ Party will not be eligible for further customer-action led rewards.
  3. Any misuse of the rewards program to derive unfair benefits will result in suspension of the rewards received by the user and black-listing from the overall rewards program. Airtel shall hold exclusive rights to decide what would constitute misuse and the decision of Airtel in this regard shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  4. The mode of delivery for these rewards can be across multiple channels: SMS, EOCN, Hello Tune, Browsers, Airtel Apps or other Airtel Channels. These rewards will be available to customers who have opted-in to larger Airtel Rewards Program of which these will be a part of.
  5. Airtel will have the right to withdraw this service at any point of time without giving any prior intimation to the β€˜B’ Party.
  6. The Reward Tune service is available for Prepaid Airtel customers only.
  7. Balance/Talk time/Minute/Data credit will not be done incase β€˜B’ Party has unsubscribed or his/her service or has been black-listed by Airtel. The decision of Black-listing a subscriber shall be the sole prerogative of Airtel and the same shall be final and binding on all concerned.
  8. Reward Tune is applicable only for a Non Hello Tune subscriber.

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