GBWhatsapp App – Download Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk

GBWhatsapp App apk V5.60 is one of the most popular Android Mod of Official Whatsapp App . It provides a certain set of extra features for your Whatsapp which you can use for Better and smooth functioning . Exciting Themes which make it one of the best Themes . No chance of Account suspension as it is official mod . DealsAgents is here with three mods of whatsapp kknown as GBWhatsapp , GBWhatsapp1 , GBWhatsapp 2. You can use three different numbers in the same android phone . I have been using GBWhatsapp mods from last 2 years and the smooth interface is totally appreciating . Superbb features like Hiding online , Manually clearing data etc.

GBWhatsapp App - Download Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk

Requirements – 

To enroll for Latest version of GB Whatsapp you need to fulfill following eligibility criteria

1) A Smartphone with Android Base . GBWhatsapp is not available for iphone and windows phone as of now ..!!

2) A working Network Connection ( Ofcourse :p )

3) Downloaded file of GB Whatsapps  ( Download from below )

4) Most Important – Installation from Unknown Sources Enabled . Go to Setting >>Security >> Tick on Unknown Sources

GBWhatsapp App settings

How to Download GBWhatsapp App Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk ?

Here are the steps Required to Properly install and Run GBWhatsapp App Latest Version 5.60 in your android smartphone . If you have any doubt then this guide will help you install GB Whatsapp in your smartphone easily and without hastle . So simply follow the steps and Enjoy the Fun ..!!

1) First of all Download GB Whatsapp Apk from here

GBplus v5.60

Com.whatsapp (original replace)



GBWhatsApp v5.60



GBWhatsApp 3 v5.60




2) Open the Folder where you downloaded the application and Click on it

3) Click On install to begin installing the app in the smartphone

GBWhatsapp App step 1

4) Open the app

5) Click on Agree and Continue as shown

6) Now it will ask for your Mobile Number . Enter mobile Number and click on Next

7) Click on Ok

8) Now wait for it to verify or Enter the OTP you recieve on your mobile Number

9) Enter your Name and Continue

10 ) Bingo you will be in the app soon . Enjoy ..!!

In the similar way you can register on all the three GB Whatsapp mods apk provided here . Simply enter the different number and register using the Number using above steps . This way you can easily enjoy all the Features of GB Whatsapp v5.60 Easily . Thanks ..!!

GB Whatsapp v5.60 Changelog : –

[ New ] Base Updated to 2.17.146 (Playstore)
[ Unlocked ] Pin Chats
[ Exclusive] Ability to Pin More than 3 Chats
[ Exclusive ] Show Contacts Tab in Different Style (Mod 6.?
[ Exclusively Added ] Attach Icon in Header (in New UI, it was removed by default)
[ Added ] Option to Change Pattern of Hide Chats (Go to Hide Chat List & Click on Gear icon on Top Right)
[ Added ] Ability to Send All Files (Eg. Apk, etc)
[ Added ] Option to Hide Attach Icon from Header (Mod 1.1.14)
[ Added ] Option to Hide Attach Icon from Stock Entry Style (Mod 1.2.44)
[ Added ] Color to the Document Text (will be same as Hyperlink) (Mod 1.2.4)
[ Added ] Color to the Download Document Button
[ Increased ] Translation Limit to 550 Characters
[ Fixed ] Show Contact Status (Mod 2.2.2)
[ Fixed ] Heads-up Notifications for Nougat (Mod 6.11)
[ Fixed ] Pattern Not Showing for Some Phones When Hide Chats
[ Fixed ] Voice Note Time Color
[ Fixed ] Button Delete Background
[ Fixed ] WhatsApp Lock
Many More Fixes…

Gb Whatsapp v5.60 Features –

  • Based on 2.17.146
  • Ban proof
  • supports calls
  • hide your ( last seen )
  • privacy mods
  • themes mods
  • Ability to Hide Chats (using Pattern)
  • Ability to Download Status/Stories
  • Theme Server ( to download/apply themes
  • Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod
  • (17) Ticks & (13) Bubbles Styles to choose
  • counter statistics for groups
  • media preview without loading
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen
  • send video with size 30MB instead of 16MB
  • send 90 images at once instead of 10
  • change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 character
  • ability to press on links on chat screen without save sender number or group admin number
  • the ability to press in links on your friends’ status
  • ability to distinguish between normal messages and Broadcast messages
  • hide the name and the date when copy more than one message
  • ability to copy friends’ status
  • ability to change the app icon and notifications
  • and many many other features

FAQs –

Q1) Is My Phone Will be safe if I Use GBWhatsApp apk?

A1) Yes, Don’t worry

Q2) Is It’s Better than official WhatsApp?

A2) Yes, GBWhatsApp is better than WhatsApp

Q3) Is GBWhatsApp for iPhone available?

A3) No, GBWhatsapp for iPhone devices is not available

Q4) Can i use 2 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device ?

A4) Yes, You Can use 2 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device 

Q5) Can i use 3 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device ?

A5) Yes, You Can use 3 GBWhatsApp Application (Account) On Same Android Device

Q6) What is the different between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus ?

A6) There is no difference between GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Q7) What is the different between OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp ?

A7) There is no difference between OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp

Q8) Do I need to Uninstall  official WhatsApp to use GBWhatsApp?

A8) No, Don’t worry

Q9) Can i freeze my last seen on GBWhatsApp ?

A9) Yes, You Can freeze your last seen on GBWhatsApp

Q10) Can I set Password for GBWhatsApp ?

A10) Yes, You Can set password for chats and GBWhatsApp

Q11) Can my account be banned by WhatsApp when i use GBWhatsApp ?

A11) No, GBWhatsApp anti ban 

Final Words –

The data represented in this post is taken from various online sources and is not meant to hurt the copyrights of anyone . Fo any issues contact – GBWhatsapp in one of the most popular whatsapp mod which is claimed to be very safe . If something happens to you or your Smartphone due to this post , we are not responsible . Install and use this at your own Risk . Overuse of this may lead to Account Blocks

Screenshots –

GBWhatsapp App - Download Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk screenshot 7 GBWhatsapp App - Download Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk screenshot 8 GBWhatsapp App - Download Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk screenshot 6 GBWhatsapp App - Download Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk screenshot 5


GBWhatsapp App – Download Latest Version 5.60 Official Mod Apk
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