A content writer is a person who writes content on a particular niche such as blogs and online websites.

Dealsagents Author Hunt is here to give you a great platform for being a content writer. Content writing not only improves writing skills but also teaches some important skills such as Teamwork, SEO, HTML, CSS and WordPress, patience, research skills, etc. Most important, the point is not that you become an expert at some skill, the point otherwise is how eager you are to learn a skill.

Please proceed further only if you want to learn, and can devote at least one hour daily.

Fill up the form below, if you are selected, you will be taught everything by us for free in training programme.

I know motivation is not enough, you get paid too for your work. Details will be shared as per your skills. Hold on to your seats and let us get in the Train for the magical world of Blogging….!!

Dealsagents Content Writer Hunt dealsagents author hunt - Dealsagents Content Writer Hunt - DealsAgents Content Writer Hunt – Boost Your Skills + Get Paid too

How to Become a Content Writer at Dealsagents.com || InstaFbCaptions.com?

1) Since we need to check your level of Eligibility and skills , Fill up the form mentioned here 

2) Pay answers to each of the questions asked carefully

3) If you don’t know or don’t want to give the answer of a question, Simply skip it. But points will be given on the number of questions answered

4) Open Interviews will be conducted if data provided by you is unique and eligible

5) You can Share the details of any other blogging website you have worked or currently working on

6) Thanks .. Keep visiting and cheering ..!!

Eligibility –  

1) You must be an Indian citizen with a valid Adhaar card

2) You must have knowledge and experience of position you are looking for at dealsagents

4) Must know English language properly with good vocabulary

5) You Should be active for at least 1 hour each day with us.

6) You get preference if you are aware of what is a deal ,trick ,whatsapp invite link, etc. Overall information basics should be known

Terms and Conditions –

All Rights Reserved to admin and team . No allegations to be heard at all. 🙂

Dealsagents will be taking Interviews at Whatsapp only . Kick start with us and Be a certified player of this Game \

Conclusion :

Sitting and wasting your time is leading you to nothing instead learn some skill that is useful for you at every point of your life. Stay connected. we are always their to help.

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