(LIVE)DealsAgents Author Hunt – Write for us and Earn lot of Benefits

Do you love blogging .? Searching for a place to show off your skills .? Dealsagents Author Hunt is here to give you a great platform for authorship . We at Dealsagents will teach a to z blogging skills + Pay you for your work + Teamwork and much more . Since every organisation needs a team and active members , we will be focusing on all skilled and unskilled people each separately . Tie your belts and get in the Train of world of Dealsagents . 🙂

DealsAgents Author Hunt - Write for us and Earn lot of Benefits

How to Become a Author at Dealsagents ?

1) Since we need to check your level of Eligibility and skills , Fill up the form mentioned here 

2) Pay answers to each of the questions asked carefully

3) If you don’t know or don’t want to give the answer of any question , Simply skips it . But points will be given on number of questions answered

4) Open Interviews will be conducted if data provided by you is unique and eligible

5) Share the details of any other institution you have worked or currently working on

6) You can also comment below with your details ( will not be published)

7) Thanks .. Keep visiting and cheering ..!!

Eligibility –  

1) You must be and Indian citizen with a valid adhar card

2) You must be a male ( Girls/Ladies/Aunties not allowed)

3) You must have knowledge and experience of position you are looking for at dealsagents

4) Must know English language properly with good vocabulary

5) Should / Could be active for at least 1 hour each day for site work

6) Should be aware of what is a deal , trick , whatsapp invite link, etc. Overall information basics should be known

What you get from Dealsagents ?

1) First of all , Salary , a monthly salary based on Number of posts you make . Details will be share thereafter

2) Referral Money from apps ( All Yours )

3) Boost up your skills and learn Teamwork

4) Popularity and Exposure to the online world

Terms and Conditions –

All Rights Reserved to admin and team . No allegations to be heard at all. 🙂


Dealsagents will be taking Interviews at Whatsapp only . Kick start with us and Be a certified player of this Game 

Subscribe to Broadcast Service by sending SUB Your Name to 7700077433

(LIVE)DealsAgents Author Hunt – Write for us and Earn lot of Benefits
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